Apr 30 2010

Comcast Causes Earth-Shattering Kaboom


So, I’m a nerd girl — In the country — (It is the name of the blog, after all) and as such a nerd country girl, I work from home. My needs are simple when working from home:

  • Solid, fast Internet connection
  • A comfortable work area
  • Land line telephone with speaker phone and mute functions
  • Electricity

These are not complex or intricate demands. Yet, at several points in the day, today I lacked 50% of those things. As amusing it would have been had my chair just up and collapsed from under me and as tragic as having no electricity would have been, those two requirements to remain steadfast and true today.

Thanks to dear old Comcast, my phone and Internet went on walkabout for several hours this afternoon. Not only did they take their post-lunchtime sabbatical, they decided it would be a fine time to do so during a conference call.

When my work laptop loses lan connection as ungracefully as the modem deciding it is tired and wants to take a nap, I get one of these:

So, it came as no surprise to me that when I lost connection, it took me an hour of cajoling my work laptop into shutting down gracefully before having to give up the ghost and holding down the power button and start from a fresh reboot.

Needless to say, I got kinda angry.

Hopefully the weekend will prove to have better things in store.

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