May 16 2010

Veni Vidi Crafti

I came. I saw. I crafted. . . I also totally just made that up. People who know Latin can and will correct me, later, I know it. For now, that’s what I’m going with.

I like to think I am somewhat skilled. I have relearned how to crochet and knit using the Internets. I know my way around Photoshop, Eclipse, PHP, HTML, and CSS enough to be not only dangerous but also useful. So, why not make my own bouquets, boutonnieres, and hair fascinator for the wedding? And that’s precisely what I did.

Yesterday, my goal was to get the boutonnieres done and wrap the handle of the last bridesmaid bouquet. Little did I realize that I’d get those done, but with time to spare to work on the moms corsages (two moms, two grandmothers, and two step-moms get to wear pretty flowers!) and follow the wild hair I got to make the feather fascinator!


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I made three different looking boutonnieres. The one on the left of the picture is HTB’s bout. It’s very difficult to tell that it is very different, but I know it is and that’s what makes me happy. The one in the middle will be for the groomsmen, and the one on the right will be for the dads. And now that I’m thinking about it, I’m really glad I made one too many of those because I realized I had miscounted the number of dads!


– Peacock eye feathers
– Peacock iridescent plumage
– Peacock iridescent quills
– White goose feathers
– Assorted brown guinea feathers
– 30 gauge silver wire
– clear glass crystal beads
– floral tape
– brown ribbon
– hot glue

I went to both Michaels and JoAnns on my feather hunt. I was looking for some things that were pretty darn specific and neither shop really had exactly what I was looking for in embellishments for the bouts. They did have decent peacock feathers for a really good price, so that was excellent. The dads bouts are basically a hat embellishment that I took apart, reshaped and reassembled for my own purposes.  Plumes n is where I found the absolutely wonderful extra peacock feathers. No photo can ever really do them justice, but the plumage behind the eye feather on my fascinator gives an idea of how gorgeous they look. I took the cue from The DIY Bride Crafty Countdown to make them. They are a great idea and kudos to whoever thought them up.


My inspiration for bouquets came from lots of places. But mostly, Martha No really! I think one of the best pieces of advice I took from looking at bouquet inspirations was not to make the bouquet huge. If it is little and easy to carry, you won’t be looking for the first opportunity to put it down right away. I used silk flowers for my bouquets. It is important to note faux is only cheaper if you are actually paying attention to cost of materials. I got all my flowers on sale, thankfully.

Inspiration links:
Tiny Flowers Bouquet
Butterfly Bouquet
Sparkly Crystal Bouquet


Bride’s Bouquet Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Click for more detail

Click for more detail

I admit that my bouquet came out a tiny bit larger than I’d really intended, but I really like the ostrich plumes and the asymmetrical nature of the bouquet. I can only name two of the flowers I used, so I’ll not embarrass myself by not naming any of them. Suffice to say I think the bouquets are lovely.


The moms corsages are very simple and were crazy easy to make. Just some fabric white tulips, floral tape, and some brown ribbon were all they needed.

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Also? Holy crap it’s less than a month away!!!!!!!!

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