"Birth of a New Generation" - page 2

One magician spoke up, "How are we going to control it?"

"We won't need to. Kegilert is an autonomous life form. She is like a child, currently. If we act as her parents and nurture her accordingly, she'll make her own choices and be the hero we have designed her to be."

"Wait, it's a she? How can you tell?" asked another member of the council.

"We began designing Kegilert's identity based on the surviving heroes of the Rikti war. As to the specific of her gender, we have Synapse to thank. He chose it. When we interviewed him to establish the profiling for Kegilert's personality, he kept referring to Kegilert as a "she." No one had yet decided her gender, so we took the cue and moved forward with it from there."

The council had calmed down considerably and one cleric piped up, "What exactly do you need from us?"

"Kegilert's not finished. As I said, she's still a child. We need you to use your resources to help her grow up, bring her to life, and teach her how to be a hero. She needs a form, consciousness, intelligence, and personality: everything that makes us human."

"But she's not human and she never will be. Isn't it cruel to her to pretend that she is?"

"She'll know she's not human. Some day, she will contemplate her existence. By then, if we've done our job, she'll have all the tools she needs to come to terms with that."

The assembly fell silent and stared at Kegilert. The tiny robot looked around the room and blinked. Azuria looked down at her tiny friend and smiled. She placed her hand on Kegilert's shoulder knowing that they would succeed.

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