"Birth of a New Generation" - page 3

Kegilert grew up. MAGI worked together to give her everything she would need to become more human. They fused organic material to her skeleton to give her skin and tissue. They made her look as human as possible. As Kegilert learned, trained, and matured, she got to choose what she would look like. She decided she didn't want to get taller. She didn't see a reason for it. She liked being an even four feet tall. Purple was her favorite color, so her costume was tailored entirely in three different shades of purple, she wanted purple eyes, and purple hair. Finally, she decided she wanted pointy ears.

"Why pointy ears, Kegi?" Azuria asked.

"Because," she shrugged, "They're pretty."

Azuria knew, then, the project was a success. She knew Kegilert understood she was different and wanted to be special because of it.

Kegilert's initial powers were chosen for her. She was always allowed to make her own choices, but the council was adamant about her powers. Energy blasts were powerful enough to repel foes and electricity could hold them in place if she needed to run away. Her safety was paramount. Another sign of the project's success, others cared for her as a person or a child rather than an object or a possession.

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