"Birth of a New Generation" - page 4

Her armor was ready.

"Gee, this doesn't scream 'robot' at all. I totally blend." Kegilert's legendary wry sense of humor, contributed by the Back-Alley Brawler, himself.

"It will keep you safe. Besides, it's exactly what you wanted."

"I know. It's awesome. Just . . . I don't know." She felt a mixture of embarrassment and anxiety at the same time. She knew she was on the verge of something really big; that she was about to embark on a very momentous adventure.

"Go test it, Kegi. It'll grow on you. Come see me when you're used to it," Azuria smiled warmly at her protege. She always knew how to make Kegilert feel at ease.

"Ooh! Going!" Kegilert excitedly bolted out the door at the prospect of testing her newfound powers. She turned around once more before leaving, "Hey, Azuria?"


"Can I fly?"

"We'll talk. Now go!"


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