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Scenes From Childhood

A work in progress. It is a completely fictional story based on the life of a character I created for the One World By Night Mind's Eye Theater Vampire LARP I to play in. I'm almost certain I have a few historical type details totally wrong, but, I'll work on that. I really like this story. I enjoyed writing it and I hope it is enjoyed by those who read it.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

Another story from the same vampire universe with the same main character, my heroine and yours, Sara Desidarius. Again, it too probably has historical inaccuracies, but I doubt those will be fixed. This story was written before Scenes from Childhood and is the basis and inspiration (mostly) for it. The ideas and story contained herein, I planned to adapt and add to Scenes when I had the time.

Women in Comic Books

The English paper I wrote over the summer of 2000 for my English 200 class. I got a B. When you read it, you'll likely see why. But hey, I really enjoyed writing the paper and researching it. Plus considering the content of most of my webpages, it seemed fitting to post this thing to my page.

20 December 1999

In character letter written years ago. It's sappy and somewhat silly in places, but I like it. I had a bout of writing inspiration and that's what came forth at the time. Yes, it's another game thing, but it's one of the areas I write really well about.
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