Mar 07 2010

Updates In Progress

Another day done and more updates and polishing done to the old home domain name:  Most of the work was done on the Writings section and a lot of removing broken links and other fun stuff of that nature.  I think the next polishing steps are going to be adding the links from the boring home page into pages on the blog design.  Or!  Adding all that lovely and glorious content into the wonderfully-not-designed-by-me WordPress site.  Very exciting for me.

I haven’t done any real, solid, good site design work in at least 2 years since I stopped working for VetInsite (now VetStreet).  And even then, those were your average static websites.  /shrug.  I enjoy appreciating the more than excellent talent of more gifted folks than me.

Tomorrow’s blog post should hopefully detail the new desks, various furniture purchased this weekend, status of the home unpacking and various other actually exciting things that have happened over the last few days.  Yay!

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