Mar 26 2010

A Blue Family in Red Country

Sarah Palin Bumper Magnet

I live in Frederick County, Maryland. Many people will tell you, Maryland is, traditionally, a Democratic state. With a few exceptions (I’m looking at you Michael Steele) we elect to the left of the political spectrum. Lately, it has not been overwhelmingly so, but it is still pretty reliable.

The population is concentrated in the middle of the state, closest to the District. I’ve noticed those centrally located counties are the most culturally, politically, and economically diverse. That’s the blue part of The Old Line State. Frederick County is not in the blue part of Maryland.

My Husband-To-Be (HTB) and I share similar political views. I’m not very political to start with and don’t have very strong opinions one way or the other on political things I find boring. Budget? Don’t care. We need to pay for things that everyone uses and needs, that’s just common sense. Gun control? As long as people are responsible, have a gun. If not, no guns for you. Agriculture? Yes, have some. It’s not my area of expertise, but I request that we be safe and smart about it to keep it sustainable and not harmful to the people working the land trying to earn a living.

Things I do care about get a bit more passionate responses. You want to say what I can and cannot do with my body in terms of its fertility or not? Let me show you where you can DIAF. You want to tell me who I can or cannot marry? That’s a big ol’ NUNYA and again, please DIAF.

For 8 years, all my blue people were super cranky and extra irritated by the state of things in the country. A ruckus was raised, some shifts happened, and now all the red people are extra irritated and super cranky and chomping at the bit to get back in power. It’s called Democracy. Love it. It’s what we’re all about. Be loud and vocal and get your opinions out on the block and rock the hell on!

As I’ve grown up and become more aware of the vast American opinionated consciousness, people are less and less shy about sharing their unsolicited opinions with one another. This leads us to my story and an explanation of the above pic.

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign, my HTB purchased the above magnet and proudly displayed it on his car. It’s still on his car because he insists that as long as people are talking about her, the statement is relevant. He was out getting groceries last week and was walking up to the store from his car, when a fellow resident of Frederick County hollered out, “Hey! Are you some kind of Socialist?!” from the driver’s seat of his pick up truck.

The HTB looked confused, “Bwuh? I’m sorry, I just got off a very long work day and am really tired. What?”

RFC, “Is that your car?” as he pointed to the HTB’s car.

Realization dawned upon the HTB that RFC was offended by the disparaging bumper sticker and HTB proceeded to ask what RFC’s position was. It was RFC’s turn to look confused and HTB explained that people are upset about the health care debate and that this guy must have had an opinion on the matter or he wouldn’t have said anything.

RFC did not respond with anything remotely resembling a well thought out reason for heckling HTB about a bumper sticker. He simply hollered, “FUCK YOU!” and blistered out of the parking lot. This left HTB to ask a female onlooker, “Um, ‘scuse me. What was that?!” She had no clue, either.

I love idiots. They give me that warm fuzzy of feeling superior to them in every way.

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