Jun 22 2010

Naughty Decoy

Our house has a really nice sized deck. It has an excellent view in the winter and a good mix of view and privacy in the spring and summer when the trees have leafed out. It also gets quite a lot of sun. This is both good and bad. Good for container gardening and plants that needs lots of sunlight. Bad for just hanging out on the deck because it gets ridiculously hot. And you can forget spending any amount of time on the deck barefoot.

Because of this particular limitation, I refuse to purchase a metal patio set. It would get too hot to sit on and then what’s the point of having it? So, I insist on buying a wood patio set. I found a perfect teak one at a seasonal store a few months back. The season came and went and I do not have a teak patio set, unfortunately. I was at Lowes the week before the wedding for something not patio-related and saw a 5-piece wood patio set. I decided to come back after the wedding and get it. My patio set problem appeared to be solved.

Trey and I went to Lowes this weekend to purchase said patio set. As we pulled out the chairs and sat down in it, I came to a horrible realization. The chair was cold. Cold? Wood doesn’t get cold in air conditioning? The wood patio set was metal painted to look like wood. Naughty decoy patio set!

I would not be foiled. We continued shopping around Lowes in the hopes that something else would catch my eye. Such a set did, it is dark brown wicker and on clearance! The naughty decoy was trying to keep me from finding the killer deal in the next room. Obviously.

I honestly would have much preferred the teak patio dining set from the other shop, but I will be very happy with the set we found. Now the tricky part is getting my victorious find delivered. It was supposed to arrive yesterday. No such luck. Some sort of mishap involving no one having put together the thing and it not getting onto the truck yesterday. I should get it tomorrow. Expect a volcanic hissy fit if they fail a second time. Lowes, you’re on notice. I usually <3 you, don’t disappoint me.

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  1. That kind of thing happens to me all the time with everything. “I want this kind of clothing item that I’ve seen 5 people with,” and you search all day to find it and you think you’ve found exactly what you’re looking for but then it’s the wrong color, it doesn’t look like it was supposed too, it’s too short/long, and so you continue searching until you give up.

    A volcanic hissy fit should sove the problem.

    Like the blog and I’d love it if you could check mine out sometime! withmonsters.blogspot.com

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