Jan 13 2012

Oh, Spam, You Rascal

Once upon a time, I had quite a laugh sifting through the weirdo spam comments I was getting on the blog. They haven’t been very funny in a very long time. They still aren’t. However, I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting tons more lately. And they’re all on really old posts. Yay Google indexing?

To all my recent spam readers, I bid you welcome and good tidings… Or something.

This post brought to you by “Doing anything under the sun to make me not notice the horrible headache I have right now,” the number “3,” and the letter “M.”

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Jessica Lathrop is a big nerd, originally from Virginia, and transplanted to the boonies of Western Maryland.


  1. Michael Gray


    1. Jess

      ^ Not a spam comment, fyi.

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