Squee is the very adorable little guy that lives next door to Nny. Squee's real name is Todd but when Nny asks his name the only sound that emits from the little guy's mouth is a feeble "squee."

I really like Squee, he has all this sad horrible stuff happen to him and nobody does anything about it. His parents hate him. His daddy says that Squee ruined his life. Squee's momma is just never in the mood to help Squee when bad things happen to him. She always ignores him. Shmee told Squee that his parents were bad people, but like a good little boy, he defended them by saying that just because they wished he would get kidnapped doesn't make them bad people. He just wants to be loved. sniff

Shmee is the only one who appears to care at the beginning. But would a teddy bear who loved you try to make you hate your parents or scare you? Something isn't right with that bear. But just look at him. He's so cute!(in a demented sort of way.)

If anybody would really like to give me the Squee comics I would be much appreciative :) although, I have the comics. But if you are in a generous mood, I could always use a few more.

My favorite Squee!s are #1 and #4. Parts of #3 were good too but I wasn't exactly thrilled with #2. As |Sunder| put it, "It's just a case of not pleasing everybody all the time." Or that's close to what he said, but I digress. #1 was a great intro the separate series and begins with our little protagonist getting abducted by aliens. Squee! #4 simply made me giggle the whole way through. Jhonen did an excellent job in finishing the series and let us know what Johnny's been up to while his neighbor was being traumatized.

Getting your Squee fix is easy. They have been collected into one big trade chock full of Squee goodness with the added bonus of all the Meanwhiles and WHB's.

Pictures from Squee!